Thursday, June 19, 2008

Yaaay for accomplishments

I feeling quite happy right now. I think I accomplished just about everything on my list. Actually, I haven't done the bathrooms, but I did more than was on my list so I don't feel bad. I'll hit the bathrooms tomorrow. And the loft still needs to be dusted (ugh) but that's not too bad. I can get everything done in about and hour tomorrow and then I'll spend he rest of the day reading. Yaaay!! So thank you blogland, for keeping me on track to get off my ass and get some work done.

One of the things I did yeaterday was going to the library. I got myself a few book that I've been wanting to read. I started The Time Traveler's Wife last night and it seems like it's going to be a fast read. I'm already very interested in where it's going. I also picked up a book that I keep hearing mentioned, Eat, Pray, Love. Reading the back it's not one that I would normally pick up but I've heard really good things about it. So why not give it a shot? I'm still reading Innocent Traitor which I'm forcing myself to finish. I've been puttering through it for what seems like forever. I've always been very interested in the whole King Henry VIII time period up through Elizabeth I's reign. So, I guess I just know too much about the historical time period it take place in and so there's no tension to the story for me. Blah.

Let's see, anything else? Oh, yeah, CBEFM.....still only high. I'm going to have to buy a whole new box of test stick if I don't get a peak tomorrow. I've only got 4 left. Stupid, stupid body. Isn't the Provera supposed to help this along?


v said...

You'll have to let me know how Eat, Pray, Love is. It was also recommended to me, but I'm not sure if I want to read it. I'm in a reading funk right now. I wasn't going to read Harry Potter this summer, but I think that I might anyway. Nothing else is much appealing to me. I am reading Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell (I might have spelled it wrong or gotten the names transposed) but I'm having a hard time getting into it. I'm also reading The Road, but I'm afraid that I'm emotionally out-of-whack and not prepared to read it right now. I also started Saving Francesca. As you can tell, I have no attention span for books at the moment.

v said...

I'll have to borrow it from a friend. I tried to get it from the library, but it was not available. The Golden Compass books have also been recommended. Maybe I'll scrap all of what I'm reading right now and just start Twilight.

Sabrina said...

I read Eat, Pray, Love on our honeymoon in Mexico and enjoyed it.

v said...

Yeah, I wasn't sure what to call it, but "dessert service" or something. And, yes, the stars are gold and we don't use it very often, but I love it. :)