Monday, June 23, 2008

Monday Mayhem

Alright, so not really mayhem but it sounds so cool.

My weekend was pretty good. Here's the rundown.

Jules' party was Saturday. I've been looking forward to it for a month now. It was a "Pimps n' Hos" party and while I don't like the terminology, the theatre part of my brain said "yippie!!! Costumes!!!!!" and sent me shopping. I wasn't sure whether I wanted to be a pimp or a ho but I knew I had a pinstriped jacket that needed to be worn. I figured with a fedora, I'd be good to go. In the end, I ended up buying an almost entirely new outfit and I think it came out well. What do you think?

That's me on the right and my friend Veela on the left. I loved my fedora so much. :) It was really nice to get out and laugh with friends. So glad that I was not at all worried about being pregnant. Mike and I both had a blast.

Sunday, Mike and I went to the library and picked up the next few episodes of Bleach which we've both really gotten into. I have never been a big anime fan but I'll often try to watch it with Mike because he's been collecting and watching anime since he was in high school. The extent of my anime experience in high school was Sailor Moon, which makes Mike roll his eyes. Haha. Anyways, so we got the episodes and sat and relaxed on the couch together for the afternoon.

I also finished The Time Traveler's Wife and can now say that it was a very good story. I laughed and cried. FYI to those dealing with infertility or losses: the book deals with both and if your loss is still new, hold off on this book.

Speaking of infertility, I started spotting today AND finally got a low on the CBEFM. YAHOO!!!!!!! So, hopefully everything starts soon and we can move forward. I can call the doctor and make an appointment to make a new plan if we don't get pg this month. So, win-win either way. Either I'm pregnant or we can actually get some help from the doctor and not another "well, you're young. it'll happen" or "you got pregnant before. give it another 3 months and then talk to me."

So, all in all, it's been a really good past few days.


shawna said...

I hope that you don't need the doctor, but know how exciting it is to get the ball rolling. BTW, you totally look hot in that picture. I've never been one of those people with balls big enough to do the costume party thing. Yay for you!!!

Running Knitter said...

I've added that book to my "to read" list. Thank you for the suggestion. :)

Amanda said...

Oh the dreaded, "Let's see what happens in the next 3 months." It's amazing how long those months can be. Sounds like everything is going well! Good luck this month.