Sunday, June 8, 2008


So, Mike and I went out running errands yesterday. It was beautiful weather and so for lunch, we got out food and sat outside. We started talking about this whole "getting pregnant" thing that had been taking over out thoughts for the past year (plus some). This made me start thinking. If I hadn't lost our baby. we would have a six month old child right now. Damn. That hit hard. Our original EDD was 12-31-07. It really hurts to think about, but now I can't get the thought out of my head. WHY? I really need to start thinking about positive things or I'm going to spiral into a depression. And that would be bad when I'm on summer break and home alone all day.

In other fertility news, we've decided not to TTC this month. Jules is having a party on the 21st and I want to be able to drink without wondering whether I'm pregnant or not. We've been going to parties just about once a month for the past 4 months and I haven't been able to drink at any of them. I wouldn't mind it if I had been pg, but it turns out that I just gave up a perfectly great night for nothing. So, this month, I will drink! Hooray.

In other non-fertility news, we found the most awesome store last night. It's called teavana and we ended up buying a ton (well, actually, one pound) of new teas. It's all loose leaf and the lady working was so great. She told us all about the teas and brought out these huge tea tins for us to sniff. Ahhhh, it was heavenly. I will be drinking tea every day I think. Yum!


v said...

Have fun at the party. Maybe a month off is something your body needs? I really don't know. I'm jealous of your new tea collection! I have a friend who only drinks loose-leaf tea and I've wanted to buy some and a little strainer and try it. I'm trying to drink more of what I have right now, though, because I have just over 50 boxes of tea. 50! It doesn't even look like that much.

Sarah said...

I think you'll have a great time at the party. Maybe a little de-stressing is deserved after the school year ended.
We LOVE teavana - we miss it so much. Their sleepy tea is AMAZING!!

Kristin (kekis) said...

The milestones are just constant reminders, aren't they? It's hard because nobody seems to remember the milestones but us.

You just go get drunk and enjoy the party. :) TTC will be there waiting for you.

I tagged you on my blog since we both need summer entertainment!