Monday, August 31, 2009

My child is amazing!

Bridget rolled over today from her tummy to her back. She was apparently very unhappy being on her tummy and used her butt to send herself over. Hahahah! Now we'll have to see if she knows what she did and can repeat it.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

I'm back to being a teacher

I'm hoping that I won't be too bad this year. I can't say I'm starting out too well. Here it is, Sunday night at almost 10:00 p.m. and I don't have my plans ready for tomorrow. I'm sitting here blogging, watching Iron Chef, and eating chocolate chip cookies. Bridget has had her bath and her bottle and is now sleeping next to me on the boppy. Life is good. Just not productive (which it really needs to be right now.) Oh well.

Last week went pretty well. I like my class. They seem to be a really good group. My class is only 16 kids as of right now so that's nice too. One year I had a class of 23 and it just about killed me. My goal for the year is to be consistent in my classroom management. I always start out really good but tend to fall back on the same two techniques and I really need to use other things to keep the kids on their toes.

In Bridget news, she giggled for the first time last Wednesday night! Mike was playing with her after her bath and three giggles came dancing out. It was one of the cutest things I've ever heard. Alas, we have not been able to recreate it.

Bridget also finally met her great-grandma. It was one of the sweetest things I've ever seen. My Grandma has never been what you would call a cuddly or loving person. She's just not one of those that really gives hugs or kisses. However, she saw Bridget and melted. She just couldn't let her go. It brought tears to my eyes to see her melting over my sweet little baby. (Please excuse the paint test on the wall.)

I will cherish this always.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

I think I'll be alright

I made it through the first few days back at work.  Three days of meetings.  The kids all come back on Monday.  I think it was easier though because she wasn't very far from me.  Mike stayed home on Wednesday and I came home to see her at lunch.  Then Thursday and Friday, my mom took off and took care of her.  So I knew she was just down the street.  Monday will be her first day at daycare.  I absolutely love the lady that will be taking care of her.  She is so nice and was a teacher for several years before this so she knows about child development and all that good stuff.  

Speaking of teaching, so far I have a small class this year.  I've only got 15 kids enrolled at this point so that's nice.  Open house was last night and I actually had 10 families show up.  WooHoo!!  Maybe this year I'll actually have some parent involvement.

Bridget is doing really well.  She's still sleeping through the night (!!!) and she's smiling all the time. I LOVE it!  Check her out...

I'm so happy everytime I wake up and see this face. (And I swear we don't constantly keep her in her bouncer, that's just the easiest place to take pictures of her.)

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

I feel like crap

I have to leave Bridget tomorrow.  The school year is starting and I no longer get to spend my days at home with my baby.  I have to be in charge of other people's kids.  Next time I get to stay home with my baby, she'll be a year old.  I'm crying just thinking about it.  I can't stand this.