Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween all! I love this holiday and was so excited to share it with Bridget for the first time. Here's some pictures from the past few days of fun with our little family.

We visited the pumpkin patch and got some great pictures. Bridget's able to sit on her own against things so we propped her up and went to town. :)

She was a ladybug for Halloween. This was at our Trunk-or-Treat. See her little barrette? Yeah, Mommy is a sucker for cute hair things. Who wouldn't be with a baby with hair as awesome as Bridget's? Haha.

Hanging around the house today I had her dressed as a ballerina. Aren't those the cutest little shoes?!I think she's practicing. She looks so perfect and girly in this picture.

And then the fun begins! We (and by we I mean Mike) hollowed out the pumpkin and we gave Bridget the "guts" to play with. She wasn't quite sure what to do except try to eat them. It was pretty funny.

Out tonight passing out candy. We didn't actually take her out Trick-or-Treating because, well, she doesn't eat candy and lord knows Mike and I don't need any. ;) So we just dressed her up and sat in front of the house talking with our neighbors and passing out candy. It was a great night.

And finally, here's our pumpkin. Mike was VERY proud of it. I think it's pretty good too. All in all, a great first Halloween. Here's to many more to come.