Tuesday, June 17, 2008

The animals

Because the last post left me a little depressed, I am making a new post full of the animals in my life that make me happy. Most of these are old, but I don't care. The animals don't change much.

Chiisai as a spider last Halloween. He didn't like the costume very much.

He was much happier as a bee.

This is Reynee, our foster. She is such a sweetie. I'm still hoping someone adopts her soon because she's really starting to fit in here and Mike has forbidden another pet for right now.

This is Zoe when we were moving into the house. She found the Christmas wreath and decided it was a perfect bed for her. It was like an inpenetrable fortress from the dogs and Sophie.

Speaking of Sophie, here she is in her most common position. This is her immediate pose as soon as we walk in the door from work. And any time we're going down the stairs. Or back up the stairs. Heck, any time we might possibly be walking past her, this is Soph's position. :)

I love my animals.

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