Friday, June 6, 2008


FOR SUMMER! (Yes, I am singing. You should be too.)

Wednesday afternoon was the last day with my class. The start of my day was entertaining and it got better from there. Here's the basics:

One of my girls asked, "So, are we going to do fun stuff today?" Being that every kid knows that the last day of school is always crazy and fun, I answered back in a VERY sarcastic tone and a laugh, "No way. We're testing AAAAALLLLLLLLL day long. Lots and lots of testing." Apparently, the sarcasm was lost on her and she took me seriously. In the time it took to get from the line outside to our classroom (about 2 minutes), the rumor had spread that we were testing. I had 8 kids ask me in the first 30 seconds of class if we were testing. They even started answering each other's questions. "What are we doing today?" one would ask another. "We're testing all day," they would answer back. (Sidebar: Can I just mention that I was feeling like my best friend Duck at this point? My stupid little joking comment was completely taken seriously. She was always able to get anyone to believe anything. Seriously. Anything. Even when it was OBVIOUSLY such a lie. Anywho, back to the main story.) The somewhat frightening thing is that they were not phased by this at all. Apparently, in second grade, testing is fun. Anyways, I finally straightened things out and we moved on with our day.

We had fun. We made read the story and made oobleck. I LOVE playing with this stuff, as does everyone else I know. If you're having a bad day, make up a batch of this and just play for a bit. You'll be smiling after 5 minutes. I guarantee it. The custodians weren't very happy with me (cornstarch makes a big mess), but oh well. We also made slushies using platics bags, ice, and rock salt. I do this every year and it's always a blast. We said our goodbyes, I walked them out, and the school year was over. All in all, my class was pretty great this year and I will miss them.

Then, it was time to pack up and move my room. ::sigh:: Here's what my room looked like at the beginning of this year.

Now, I'm moving into a room about half this size. Boo-hiss! I'll post pictures of that when I get moved in.

But for now, I am taking the next few days off and having nothing to do with school. No lesson plans to do, no grading, no stress about work AT ALL! Yippie!!!!


v said...

I'm weirdly very excited to see picture of your classroom. Are you moving back to a portable?

v said...

Yeah...oops. I don't know how to edit my own comments, but I meant to say 'pictures' (multiple)...duh.

Sarah said...

I'm so excited for you - we need to talk...Miss you :)