Tuesday, July 28, 2009

A new toy

Because she did so well at her doctor's appointment today (up another 6oz! Total weight now 8lb, 9oz), Bridget and I went shopping today.  We found a tummy time mat that I just had to get. 

I think she likes it!

"Thanks mommy!  This was a good buy."  :D

Bridget is 7w 3d

Sunday, July 26, 2009


Now, I'm probably jinxing myself right now, but I think we've got a baby that sleeps through the night.  This is amazing at only 7 weeks!   SHE'S SLEEPING THROUGH THE NIGHT!  Our routine has been:  4oz bottle, a bit of playtime, bath with the bedtime bath stuff in the purple bottle, put on pj's (which have to be the gown type with hand covers and elastic bottoms), swaddle, rock with mommy, off to sleep after a little bit of comfort nursing.  It's been working for us for 4 nights.  She's usually asleep by 10:30ish and she's sleeping until 5:30ish.  Then she wakes up to eat and usually falls back asleep until 8ish.  It's great!  And this is what I wake up to...

Good morning!

But because I'm a new mommy and worry about everything, I'm kinda worried that this will lead to her not gaining weight.  Doesn't she need to eat to gain weight?  If she's not eating for 7 hour stretches, is that good for her at this age?  I'm going to ask her pedi on Tuesday at her weight check.  He'll probably roll his eyes and say it's fine (as long as she IS gaining weight).  But I'm asking anyways.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

I cooked!

I don't think you guys realize how happy this made me!  I actually planned a meal and got to cook it!  Up to this point, it's been a lot of frozen, pre-packaged meals or quick fixes like pasta or hot dogs.  It gets old really fast.  So, in an attempt at feeling more like a good wife and mother, I went to The Pioneer Woman's new site, Tasty Kitchen, and found some meals to make for the week.  I looked through the grocery ads and found most of what I needed on sale (go me!).  Then, I hoped and prayed that I would actually have the energy to cook.  And lo and behold, I did!  (thanks to a certain little girl who slept through the night :))

So, without further ado, I give you...My first real meal since the c-section!

A made up recipe for panko crusted salmon, sauteed zucchini, and mashed potatoes.  OMG, so good (if I do say so myself)!  I had planned on using a recipe for the salmon, but when I got into the kitchen, it just didn't sound appetizing.  So I threw panko crumbs, parmesan, thyme, and olive oil together and packed it onto the salmon that I had sprinkled with lemon pepper.  It came out pretty dang tasty.  And can I state for the record that I am so jealous of all of the people that have tons of zucchini in their gardens right now?  I LOVE zucchini and actually had to go by it at the store.  Bah!

I'm hoping this can continue.  I really do like cooking and planning meals.  

How about you guys?  What have you been eating lately?

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Oh glorious sleep

Bridget slept through the night! She fell asleep at 10:30 and she didn't wake up until 5:30 this morning. Woohoo!! I'm feeling great today and I'm really hoping this sleeping thing continues. This is how things are shaping up today though.

Oh look, it's an adorable sleeping baby!  Get the camera.

"Did I hear a camera click? I need to wake up and get in on the action."

"Hey there Mom.  Is it time to eat?"
These were taken within a minute of each other.  ::sigh::  As long as she sleeps at night, I'll be happy.  

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

8 oz!

Who knew that such a small amount could make a person so happy?!  Bridget went to her weight check today and has gained 8oz this week.  WAHOOOOOOOO!  She is now 8lbs 3oz and doing well.  The doctor wants to see her back again next week and if she's continuing to gain weight like this he'llremove the "failure to thrive" label.  ::sigh of relief::  Go Bridget, go!  Keep growing little one!

Bridget is 6w3d

Thursday, July 16, 2009

I'm so scared *updated

We took Bridget to her one month well-baby check on Tuesday. She's five and a half weeks and has not gained any weight. Her head is growing, she's an inch longer, but she's still at her birth weight. I'm so scared. The doctor called it "failure to thrive" which is the worst term ever as it makes it seem like something that can't be overcome. 

I feel like a terrible mommy. I feel like I've failed her. Or her little body is failing her.  And I don't know how to fix it. 

The doctor didn't give us any real answers.  He said it could be anything from not eating enough or not metabolizing calories to enlarged heart or lung problems.  So for the short term, we're supplementing with formula.  I've been pretty much exclusively breastfeeding to this point.  Now I BF and then we offer her a bottle afterward. She has been eating from it so I guess I haven't been providing enough to this point.  Hopefully this will help her get on track.  I'm so scared it's something more serious though. 

We had to take her to get blood drawn yesterday (my heart broke while she cried) and then she had to get chest x-rays done. I'm calling the doctor every few hours hoping that he'll have some update at least on the x-rays. 

Have any of you gone through this? I'm completely freaking out and fighting back tears every few minutes. I just want her to be healthy and happy. Is that too much to ask?

**updated**  The Dr called and everything came back normal in her x-rays and bloodwork.  Actually, he said something in her bloodwork was a little high but didn't say what.  He wasn't concerned.  I am of course. However, I chose not to ask what it was because then I would just spend the rest of the week looking up reasons for elevated whatever-it-was.  I'll be taking her in next Tuesday for a weight check (my idea, not his) to see if this supplementing is working. Please, please let it work.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Happy one month!

Holy cow!!  One month went by so fast!  I don't know that Bridget had gotten much bigger really, but she sure is much more aware and awake.  She just started  really looking at things a few days ago.  And I captured it on camera today!  I was so excited.  She was in a good mood this morning so I decided to try out her bouncer again.  Usually, she starts crying about a minute after we put her in it.  Today she seemed to enjoy  her time.  Check it out - 

"Hey there lamby! One day I will eat you and it will look like this!  RAAAWR"

"Oh hello there Pug.  I see you too.  You are my best friend!"  

(By the way, we have taken to calling Chiisai "the third parent" as anytime she makes even the slightest noise, he runs over to check on her and then stares at us  like "WTH is wrong with you?  Can't you see she needs you?"  It's hilarious actually.)
Then, tonight we gave her her first real bath (her cord stump FINALLY fell off a few days ago). After bath time, it was time to take our official ONE MONTH pictures.  Of course, Bridget was not happy to be unswaddled.  Please notice Mike's arm in the photo and the orange paci on her chest.  A few seconds before this, he had been holding the paci in her mouth and trying to get her to be calm for the picture.  Fat lot of good it did as you can see.  Haha!
"Wrap me  up!  I refuse to cooperate unless you swaddle me NOW!"
So, we swaddled her up and put her Picky Sticky sticker onto her blanket (a good idea from Sarah who also sent us the wonderful Picky Stickies!)  (And I had to link to the blankets because seriously, I am in love with these things.  They're big and light and swaddle REALLY well and they're the only thing that keeps Bridget happy and contained.)
"Alright, now I will lay here for your photo.  Thanks Mom!"

You're welcome my little Bridgey.  Mommy loves you.  Happy one month birthday baby!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

I have a question.

Why is it that my child won't sleep when she's clean, fed, swaddled, and being held but when you start lighting off fireworks, she's out like a light?

We spent all day yesterday with a fussy little baby.  I bought her a cute little 4th of July onesie and was looking forward to pictures.  Little Miss over here had other plans apparently.  She flat out refused to be even somewhat calm if she was unswaddled.  So,  even though you can't see it, know that she was dressed for the occasion.

Happy first 4th Bridget!

Oh, and btw, can anyone else not believe that she'll be one MONTH old tomorrow?!  Where the heck did the time go?