Sunday, July 26, 2009


Now, I'm probably jinxing myself right now, but I think we've got a baby that sleeps through the night.  This is amazing at only 7 weeks!   SHE'S SLEEPING THROUGH THE NIGHT!  Our routine has been:  4oz bottle, a bit of playtime, bath with the bedtime bath stuff in the purple bottle, put on pj's (which have to be the gown type with hand covers and elastic bottoms), swaddle, rock with mommy, off to sleep after a little bit of comfort nursing.  It's been working for us for 4 nights.  She's usually asleep by 10:30ish and she's sleeping until 5:30ish.  Then she wakes up to eat and usually falls back asleep until 8ish.  It's great!  And this is what I wake up to...

Good morning!

But because I'm a new mommy and worry about everything, I'm kinda worried that this will lead to her not gaining weight.  Doesn't she need to eat to gain weight?  If she's not eating for 7 hour stretches, is that good for her at this age?  I'm going to ask her pedi on Tuesday at her weight check.  He'll probably roll his eyes and say it's fine (as long as she IS gaining weight).  But I'm asking anyways.


Rotten said...

Oh don't you worry about her not gaining wait because she is sleeping through the night! Enjoy it. If she is hungry, she'll wake up. I am so happy that you are getting some rest. What a good girl. :)

v said...

Congratulations! This is about six months earlier than Pic sleeping through the night. (Not surprising given my history with Sleep (Sleep...she eludes me).)

Also, the comment about the restaurant review...cracked me up. :D