Tuesday, July 21, 2009

8 oz!

Who knew that such a small amount could make a person so happy?!  Bridget went to her weight check today and has gained 8oz this week.  WAHOOOOOOOO!  She is now 8lbs 3oz and doing well.  The doctor wants to see her back again next week and if she's continuing to gain weight like this he'llremove the "failure to thrive" label.  ::sigh of relief::  Go Bridget, go!  Keep growing little one!

Bridget is 6w3d


v said...

Go, Bridget Go!! I got your message this morning and I'm so entirely relieved and excited. I hope next week goes just as well.

Shanny said...

I'm glad she is gaining weight, I can't imagine how scared you must have felt! Keep doing your thing Bridget =)

Rotten said...

YYAAAAAYYYYYY!! So happy for her and I am sure you are now feeling much better about the whole thing. You are a fantastic mom!