Monday, July 6, 2009

Happy one month!

Holy cow!!  One month went by so fast!  I don't know that Bridget had gotten much bigger really, but she sure is much more aware and awake.  She just started  really looking at things a few days ago.  And I captured it on camera today!  I was so excited.  She was in a good mood this morning so I decided to try out her bouncer again.  Usually, she starts crying about a minute after we put her in it.  Today she seemed to enjoy  her time.  Check it out - 

"Hey there lamby! One day I will eat you and it will look like this!  RAAAWR"

"Oh hello there Pug.  I see you too.  You are my best friend!"  

(By the way, we have taken to calling Chiisai "the third parent" as anytime she makes even the slightest noise, he runs over to check on her and then stares at us  like "WTH is wrong with you?  Can't you see she needs you?"  It's hilarious actually.)
Then, tonight we gave her her first real bath (her cord stump FINALLY fell off a few days ago). After bath time, it was time to take our official ONE MONTH pictures.  Of course, Bridget was not happy to be unswaddled.  Please notice Mike's arm in the photo and the orange paci on her chest.  A few seconds before this, he had been holding the paci in her mouth and trying to get her to be calm for the picture.  Fat lot of good it did as you can see.  Haha!
"Wrap me  up!  I refuse to cooperate unless you swaddle me NOW!"
So, we swaddled her up and put her Picky Sticky sticker onto her blanket (a good idea from Sarah who also sent us the wonderful Picky Stickies!)  (And I had to link to the blankets because seriously, I am in love with these things.  They're big and light and swaddle REALLY well and they're the only thing that keeps Bridget happy and contained.)
"Alright, now I will lay here for your photo.  Thanks Mom!"

You're welcome my little Bridgey.  Mommy loves you.  Happy one month birthday baby!


Katie said...

Happy one month birthday Bridget! You are looking absolutely adorable

Anonymous said...

Time FLIES! She's such a cutie though. I love her expressions.

v said...

Great post! I love all of the pictures. She is so freaking adorable!

Rotten said...

OMG... she's adorable!! Yay for 1 month birthdays! And can I say one more time - LOOK AT THAT HAIR! Crazy cute.

Shanny said...

She is so so cute!!!! Love the pics!