Friday, June 27, 2008

Raspberries and strawberries and...

These are gooseberries.

Aren't they cute? So perfectly round and a very pretty green. I love green. Anyways, I almost bought them today at the store. But I restrained. ::pat on back:: Does anyone know what one does with a gooseberry? Can you just eat them? Or do they have to be cooked?

I love trying new fruit. That's one of the main reasons I miss the Farmer's Market. You could wander up and down aisles and try all sorts of stuff. Mmmmmm. ::drool::

Ok, I'm back.

I did buy these though.

Aren't they pretty? And no, the color is not off. They're yellow. And they're raspberries. And soooooo yummy.

So, a question: Do any of you out there in blogland have some sort of "weird" or interesting food you like? Don't like? Share please.


v said...

gooseberry pie?

Conflicted Dreams said...

I love love love yellow raspberries!! When I was a kid, we had several bushes of them in our backyard (my dad had a huge garden back there) and they are the best fruit ever!!

shawna said...

Thank you Kate. Your comment will help me through this.
BTW, did you figure out how to eat them? Also, do you have the address for the Vegas board? I've lost it again.