Thursday, July 3, 2008


Alright, as soon as this post is over, I'm getting up and getting moving. I think that the cycle has gone too far. I'm not getting anything done because I"m depressed and I'm depressed because I'm not getting anything done. It's been 4 days of me doing absolutely NOTHING productive. So, today I will. List of things to do(because those that know me know I LOVE lists):

  • blood work (ugh)
  • return books to library (not done because I decided to recheck them out and actually make some of the recipes)
  • go to school and get keys - possibly go to room and put things away (highly unlikely)
  • call Jules and offer sushi for lunch
  • go to Target (if everything else on the list is done, get a new shirt for the 4th) - They didn't have any shirts for the 4th, so I got a new kitchen rug instead. ;)
  • load dishwasher (very important as it feels like almost every cup I own is sitting on the coffee table in my loft)

Edit: Everything in italics I finished. I even got in and got my brows waxed. Yaaay!! I'll get to the dishwasher tonight. Mike called and said he wanted to go to a movie tonight and he'll do the dishes when we get home. Even more Yaaaaaayyy!!! I'm feeling very accomplished and should be able to get my bloodwork results next week.

Edit again: Mike came home early and immediately did all the dishes and loaded the dishwasher! Yippie Chi ;) Now on to the movies...

In fertility news, it is cd9 (cycle day 9) and so far, everything's normal. I had a regular 4 day period (although is was very light) and the CBEFM has asked for sticks the past 3 days. All "low" which is good. Hopefully I'll start getting highs on cd11 or so and my peaks on cd14ish. That would be great. Alas, as Mike points out, "Honey, your body just doesn't work like that." *sigh* I know.


shawna said...

I love list too, but only if they are easy ones that have lots of things that I can check off without much effort. I hope this month is the right one for you.

v said...

So, what movie are you guys heading to? Let me know if it's any good.

r said...

I do the lists too. It helps to be able to cross things off.

Happy to know someone else is going through this at the same time as well. Glad to have found you. I'll keep checking in.

Happy 4th.