Friday, July 11, 2008

It's a sickness I tell ya

So, I tracked down the next two Janet Evanovich books yesterday. I'm finished with them already. I'm telling you, someone needs to talk me down. This is kinda scary. Anyone? Anyone?

Ok, then I know where I can score the next two. I'm sure by Sunday I'll be tracking down 11-14. *sigh* At least it's something healthy, right?

In actual news worthy news (well, in my little life) Reynee will probably be adopted tomorrow. Thank goodness! As cute as she is and as much as she has endeared herself to me and Chiisai, I'm tired of her peeing on things. Any time that I take a shower, I come out and something is peed on. Not just the carpet either. She has to pee on things like blankets, pillows, clothes left on the floor,... Today I put her in her crate while I took a shower just so that I wouldn't have to worry about cleaning up. Chiisai looked at me like I was evil. I came out and he was laying in front of her crate and looking at me with eyes that said I'd betrayed him. WTH dog?! I didn't put YOU in a crate. He's definitely going to miss her. And really, with a face like this...

...who wouldn't?

Fertility news cd17=high still on CBEFM. Provera continues.


shawna said...

I am the same way with books, although I have not ventured into those, but I just might soon. Have a great time on vacation. It is soon, right?

Sarah said...

firstly, I can't freaking wait to see you guys!!
secondly..did you tell the puppy's new owner's that she has a "leaking" problem :)

yay on the CBEFM..keep it up!!