Friday, July 25, 2008

I love my husband

And here's one of the reasons:
The man can fix my computer. Yes folks, one of the many reasons that I "keep him around" is because he helps me out in moments of computer failitude. I should have put in in our vows. "Love and cherish. Throught the sickness and health of both her and her computer."
Last night, while downloading the newest episode of Bleach we somehow ended up with a horrible thingy attaching itself to my computer ("malware" is what Mike says the thingy was. All I know is that it freaked me the heck out!) Suddenly, my laptop's background was changed to the blue screen of death saying that I didn't have virus protection and needed to update. When we went to change it back, my display panel was missing its desktop and screensaver tabs. Yes, that's right. They were GONE! Gone people. I was lost. Seeing my eyes wide with fear and tears starting to well up, Mike jumped to the rescue.
Away to one of his computer geek sites he went and found out what the "malware" was called (spy sherrif) and how to get rid of it. Two hours of downloading new software and searching through files, and my computer was (and still is) fixed. YAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYY!!!!
And to honor his wonderful abilities, this... my new desktop background. Just add a cape and he could fly.

Also, cd1. Meh.


shawna said...

I think that I could love your husband too! Mine is horrible at all of that kinda stuff.

v said...

I agree about the picture of Pic. It was something like an "action picture" or something. I no longer click on it to see the enlarged version. I'll say hi. How was Washington? Beautiful, I'm guessing.

v said...

I was wondering about the cherry spelling also. How's summer treating you? Mine's starting to slip by too quickly.