Monday, October 27, 2008

On a much cuter note

This is my dog, the treat snob. He's so obnoxious but so dang cute!

Pug-O-Rama was this weekend. It's the big fundraiser for the Southern Nevada Pug Rescue where we got Chiisai and sweet angel Yoda. I've been pretty involved with them since we adopted the puggies. We foster pugs until they find forever home and go to meet ups and such. Anyways, my friends asked me to run the adoption booth for a few hours and of course I said yes. Such sweet babies were there.
On with the point though... at the gate they gave out doggie treat bags. Chiisai is a well known treat snob in our house. No one at the pug rescue believed me. If you know pugs at all, they are only one step removed from vacuum cleaners and garbage disposals. They will generally eat ANYTHING. Not Chiisai. He is VERY picky about the treats he'll eat and the few he does, he'll usually only eat if he gets them from Mike or me. (He's a smart one and doesn't take treats from strangers. Haha!) Late in the afternoon, Mike and I were eating our picnic lunch and I decided to give Chiisai one of the treats. He sniffed it and walked away. He wanted nothing to do with it. Then he saw another pug come nearby. He snatched up the treat and carried it around. Not biting it at all, just showing it off. He jumped up on me, then on to Mike, then back to me, then to the ground, etc... This went on for a good ten minutes. I called my friend Angie over and said, "Do you see my dog? He's being a treat snob!" That is when this picture was taken. He did eventually eat the treat but very grudgingly. He's such a pain but he makes me laugh every day!
What do your pets do to brighten your day?


Conflicted Dreams said...

He is SO cute :)

v said...

Very cute Chiisai. Also, very cute shirt! I love, love, love autumn and autumny stuff.

Of course I remember the testes comment! I think I've told Caro this story about a million times. And, y'know what? It's never not funny!

Newt said...

Awww, he's sweet. My cocker is a treat snob, too, or was until we got another dog. Now she'll eat anything, just to keep it away from her brother.

Pugs are so marvelous!

Rach said...

I am not a huge pug fan (we are a Lab family without a Lab right now until we get out of our small apartment), but OMG how cute is that little face!! How could you not smile every time you see that! We have 2 cats that act more like dogs half of the time, but the best part about them is that they know when I am sad or when I am not feeling well, and they show extra affection in those moments. Needless to say, my oldest has spent a lot of bed and couch time with me lately. :)

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