Monday, October 6, 2008

Ah, a sigh of relief

Ok, the nurse ACTUALLY called back today and didn't keep me waiting! Thank you very much! :)

My numbers are looking really good. HCG is up to 1560 and progesterone is staying about the same place at 16.7. It made me feel sooo much better today and I was able to stay calm and collected today even though I was falling over from the feeling that I haven't slept in days. Nevermind the fact that I have been falling asleep between eight and nine every night. HA.

So, I have an ultrasound set up for October 28th (I'll be 8w4d) and my first appointment with the doctor on November 4th (I'll be 9w4d). So yaaay, things to look forward to!

Now that everything's been someone settled at least for a few weeks, the pregnancy talk should slow down some. I'll start posting my random junk again soon. :)


v said...

Yea for great numbers! And...yea for random junk!

Sarah R said...

i like random junk as well, but you know i gotta know all the pregnancy details. There's a reason you're so tired. I remember that I was EXHAUSTED, especially the first and third trimesters.

Rach said...

YIPPEEE, YAYYYYY, WHOOPPPEEEEE!! So happy for you guys! And I agree with Sarah... while the random junk is always fun, you now have us hooked on all the fun preggo details, so keep 'em coming! SLEEP WELL!!!

shawna said...

I love pregnancy talk!! Congratulations on the great numbers.

Amanda said...

WAHOOO!!! That's awesome Kate. And look forward to being even more exhausted. Get a nap in if you can.

Anonymous said...

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