Sunday, October 12, 2008

I'm a great wife.

Really. I am. Mike agrees. But to look at me the past few weeks, one would think I was the laziest person on the planet. My house is a complete wreck. Dishes have been piling up everywhere in the house. Laundry is overflowing from the hamper. It's horrible. And it's been driving me CRAZY! But I've just been so dang tired that sleep has overtaken all other impulses. I hear it's one of those dang pregnancy symptoms. Thank all in the heavens that that is really my only symptom. Occasional heartburn and some cramping, but mostly just plain-old, flat-out, tired!

So, yesterday I tried to work past the tiredness. Not that I really had a choice. It was my school annual Harvest Hoedown. Basically, a little fall fun and games thing we've done every year for, well, ever. I was in charge of the Floating Cups game. THANK GOD Mike was there with me! Do you realize that every time a kid misses the stupid cups, the ping pong balls go bouncing all over hell and creation?! Mike was a trooper and chased down most of those balls. We cheered on the kids and I passed out prizes. Yaay me! But the few balls that I did chase down, as well as the setting up and taking down of the booths took it's toll. I was completely useless for the rest of the afternoon. I layed on the couch, sleeping, reading, and feeling ill. It was awful. And I learned my lesson. I cannot run non stop anymore. I HAVE to rest.

Today, I was feeling much better and I decided I had to get some things done. I sat down and planned out my day.

First, plan dinners. We have got to start saving money and with my being tired so much recently, we have been eating out most nights. (score another one for my great wifeness). This is not good for my body or our budget. So, I searched though my online sites and chose meals that sounded appetizing and at least somewhat healthy. My menu for the week is:

  • pork chops and rice casserole
  • kung pao chicken with stir fry veggies and jasmine rice
  • tortellinis in olive oil and garlic w/ asparagus
  • turkey, bean and rice burritos
  • caramel apple pork chops w/ mashed potatos and green beans
  • buffalo chicken burgers w/ pickles and baked fries
  • garlic and parmesan checken w/pasta and cauliflower
  • Chili garlic pork chops w/rice and green beans

Then, I made a list (yes, I live for lists) and set out. I went to the library and looked for some pregnancy books. I found this one that looked promising, so I picked it up. I also picked up this book for Mike. Don't think he'll read it but flipping through it, I was cracking up.

Then, we went to the store and bough all the stuff for all of our meals for the week. Plus a few extras like breakfast bars and the like. So yaay. Now we're set.

I came home, rested for awhile, and then set out cleaning up around here a bit. Dishes are all done (thanks to my bribing Mike with cookies) and most of the laundry is finished. The sheets on the bed have been changed and dinner is cooking in the oven. Oh, and I prepared Snickerdoodle dough to attempt to make those cookies I promised Mike. We'll have to see how they turn out. I have never made Snickerdoodles before.

So hooray! My title of great wife is slowly coming back. If those cookies turn out, maybe I'll be SuperWife for awhile. Haha.

How have you all been doing? Have you ever made Snickerdoodles before? I much prefer Chocolate Chip, but oh well. What's your favorite cookie?


Conflicted Dreams said...

Wow!! Good for you getting all that done! I try to make that list of stuff to make in a week, but I usually fail!

I am wondering if I told you about the buffalo chicken burgers (I make them and LOVE them for us here) or is you knew about them already? But wow!! I want to come and eat at your house this week :)

Zap said...

Good luck with the cooking... The next problem is everything you planned out isn't going to sound appealing to you. With Sarah we tried to keep a bunch of different options in the house and after running down the list she would choose what she could actually eat.

Was fun!

And give Mike a heads up... the tired wife thing doesn't really go away from her on out... ;)

Rach said...

Yes you are a great wife! And he is a great husband.

As for me, I am more of a banana bread muffin person instead of cookies. Yumm.

Sarah R. said...

We had the book: Great Expectations, and we really liked it. We used it all the way up until after Delaney was born.

v said...

Hey, I just realized that your ticker indicates you got pregnant on your birthday. Is that accurate? I remember you posted about something fertility-wise on your birthday (um, yes, I just found was the return of the egg on the fertility monitor). Okay, that was a bit rambly, sorry. Just thinking through my typing.