Friday, November 21, 2008

A long overdue update.

First and foremost, I am officially in my second trimester. Hooray!!! Now I just have to hope that everything is progressing normally in there. My next doctor's appointment is on Dec 4th so I'll have to wait it out. ::sigh::

In other not so great news, our foster pug Howie was attacked last night. The people in the house behind us have two bigs dogs and one jumped over the fence and got Howie. Luckily, Mike ran outside as soon as he heard the disturbance and got the dogs inside (Chiisai didn't get touched). He called me, I called the pug rescue, and I got him to the vet ASAP. They kept him overnight and are still keeping him tonight. He's not eating, he's running a fever, and he has fluids filling up his neck where he got bit. The vet has him on IV antibiotics and won't let him come home until the fever breaks and he's eating (completely understandable).

I know there's nothing that we could have done to prevent it, but I still feel horrible. I'm really hoping that he pulls through this. I don't know how I could handle losing another pug after what happened with Yoda. Please keep little Howie in your thoughts.


v said...

Yeah on the second trimester! I'm looking forward to your next appointment also (from very afar).

I'm sorry to hear about Howie. I hope he has a speedy recovery and I hope the doctors are making sure that he's not in pain. Do the neighbors know what happened? What was their reaction?

zapswife said...

That's crazy that the neighbor's dog is so aggressive!!!! We're thinking about Howie..

Congrats on second trimester-we are so excited for you guys!

kate said...

Yeah v, the neighbors know. They were very apologetic and asked us to keep them updated on Howie. They offered to pay for all vet bills (thank goodness since the rescue doesn't have much). It's a very young family and Mike says they were very considerate and good people. Their dog just apparently decided he needed a pug snack.

Rach said...

Sending big sloppy wet kisses to Howie in hopes of a speedy recovery.

Congrats on your 2nd trimester. Seems like the first one flew by eh? :)

Nit said...

So excited for you!!! You are almost to the finish line (I know you're saying yea right?!?)

That is terrible about the foster puppy...did the neighbors at least offer some type of apology...anything?