Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Apparently, I need to find a new toothpaste. Crest Whitning with Scope and the baby apprently don't agree with each other. Like, I actually threw up this morning after brushing my teeth. (It was wonderful, let me tell you.) And I hate vomiting (then again, does anyone like it? I didn't think so.) It makes me cry and sniffle and cry some more. Luckily, I hadn't put on my makeup yet.

But then of course I'm faced with a dilemma: to brush again or no? I decided no, rinsed really well with water and used mouthwash. Sorry for the TMI, but I could just see a constant circle forming. Brush, vomit, repeat.

So, any new toothpaste suggestions?


v said...

No suggestions, sorry. I use Tom's of Maine Spearmint, but Cardo thinks it's disgusting, so you might not want to risk it. When I was pregnant with Ali, we had just bought a bunch of new melon-scented hand soap and I was sick every time I had to wash my hands. The scent was just about the worst, nastiest smell.

zapswife said...

Oh Kate,
That is the worst!!!! I remember that. You're like, well either I have clean teeth or I taste that nasty taste. And it was a circle for me,too.
I used to drink a glass of oj in the morning. It was the only thing that settled my tummy. Then, I brushed my teeth with the nasty orange juice taste.

Rach said...

Unfortunately for some women, NO toothpaste is good toothpaste. I went though gagging fits no matter what toothpaste we used, but it went away mid way through my 2nd trimester. I would suggest that you find the most bare bones basic paste you can find though and try that. Getting a toothpaste with no whitening in it also might help. Good luck. At least it doesn't last long. :)

Jennifer said...

LOL I did that just a few days ago. I just gave up and rinsed.