Friday, November 7, 2008

Check me out!

I'm past 11 weeks! Officially the most pregnant I've ever been! WooHoo!

Still not looking pregnant. I can feel that I'm getting bigger. My underwear are tighter and by the end if the day, I definitely have to unbutton my pants. I plan on starting to take belly pics next week. If I'll share them on here, I don't know yet. Believe me people (although most of you know me IRL), I am not a tiny person. I'm not humongous but I am definitely heavy. I don't think I'll really be showing any time soon.

Speaking of, well, pregnancy I guess, a few people at work know. Literally, 3. One woman knew the day I found out. She was one person that I confided in about out IF and so she checked up on me periodically. She'd ask, "So, how are ... things?" with a lifted eyebrow. I'd answer back, "nothing special." Well, in our last 2ww, she happened to ask and I answered back, "we'll know in two weeks." She had a huge smile and said, "Well then, I'll ask again in two weeks." The day that I found out, we had a luncheon at work. She was standing next to me in line and looked at me questioningly. I smiled a huge smile and gave her two thumbs up. If she could have, I think she would have screamed and gone running around the building. But she didn't. She smiled and squeezed my hand. Then she said how happy she was and that I needed to bring a video to the ultrasound because they would tape it for you. :)

My VP knows because, strangely, I ran into her when I was leaving the doctor's office after my appointment Tuesday. She was leaving at the same time I was and we rode the elevator down together. Weird. Completely weird. I was holding a package of prenatal vitamins and a "Congratulations on your new pregnancy" booklet. I figured I should spill. She seemed happy enough and said congrats.

Then, somehow, my librarian found out. I really don't mind that she knows. I love her and she kinda knew about our IF. I think lady #1 tipped her off (they're really good friends). She grabbed me on the way to morning lineup and said, "So, you had a doctor's appointment yesterday....?" "Yes," I answered. "And....?" "It was with a doctor." "It was with a baby doctor though, right?" This caught me off guard. "Umm, yeah." "And......." "I'm definitely pregnant." She made a slight squealing noise and told me how excited she was for me. She said she kept looking around at all the pregnant women at school and thinking that it must be killing me. She was so glad that it was finally my turn. Me too!

Anyways, that's my update. I know it's long and rambly but I wanted to get it out there. I hope you're all doing well.


v said...

You finally turned me on to Skippyjon!

I didn't start showing until sometime after four months, but, as I said, I started expanding before that (about where you are, I'd guess). I only have two pictures of me pregnant, I believe. It might be kind of cool for you to have belly pics, even if you don't share them here. (I've never shared my pregnancy pictures, and I know I wouldn't share them online, but I love seeing others'. I just coudn't pretend that I was that comfortable in my body. Notice that I don't really share that many pictures of me even now, unpregnant. Ah, well.)

Rach said...

Dontcha you just love it when your underwear just don't fit right anymore but you don't quite have the baby belly there to justify it. :) Enjoy expanding. I am so excited that you have made it to 11 weeks. Congrats and you show whatever belly pics you want when you are ready.