Wednesday, November 12, 2008


We have a new foster. I know, it's been a long time right? I just picked him up from the vet. He's all caught up on shots and got neutered. Now he's wandering around my upstairs looking sad and forlorn. Seriously, one of the most pitiful pug faces I've ever seen. If I could find my camera I would so post a picture. But he's absolutely adorable.

I don't know what his story is. But, it looks like his previous owners didn't take very good care of him. He's soooooo thin. I can see all his ribs and his hip bones. It's very sad. I can see that with good nutrution and love though, he'll be an amazing looking pug. For now he's wandering with his tail down low and his back end tucked under as if he's afraid he's going to get hit. Sometimes people make me so mad. Why get a pet if you're not going to treat it as a family member?! Arg!

Anyways, that's it for now. I'll try to post pics ASAP.


zapswife said...

that is sad that he was treated that way. BUT, you and Mike will be good for him :)

v said...

Good luck with Howie.

Quick question: why did you type "Estonia" on my comments? I wasn't sure what it was in reference to (except Encino Man, but I'm sure that's not what you were talking about).

zapswife said...

happy twelve weeks!!!!!