Tuesday, November 11, 2008

And you learn something new every day

First, please notice the ticker. I am under 200 days!

Second, did you know that your body's chemistry changes during pregnancy? Yes you say? Did you know that I can affect how your hair accepts things like perms and hair color? Ah yes, apparently this baby does not want mommy to have blonde highlights. It would much rather have a mommy with half brassy, half platinum highlights. It's quite lovely, let me tell you. My poor stylist has been doing my hair for, well, about 17 years and she was at a loss. We have NEVER had any trouble with my hair lifting color. In fact, she has never had trouble with anyone's hair color ever being affected by pregnancy. She had heard it could happen, but never seen it. Hooray, I go down in history. She did all she could to help it, but it's still pretty bad. ::sigh::

So, warning to all....Beware the blonde during pregnancy!


shawna said...

I would have rather been brassy. Delaney left me lactose intolerant, and Tyler made me allergic to eggs. They say that this is due to the body chemistry changes.
I am secretly hoping that the twins will return me to normal, but I am too scared to test the theory.
Yay for being under 200 days!

Rach said...

Laughing hysterically... sorry. ;) I think it is things like this that have to make you smile after your long journey to get where you are. Your little one wants to make damn sure you know he/she is there (not like you don't feel it every day) and now whenever you look in the mirror, you'll be reminded of that little person happily growing inside you. Then when he or she is 16 years old and wants to stay out passed curfew, you can rub this little incident in their face. :)

zapswife said...

well, it's really exciting that you're under 200 days..I'm sorry about the hair..Like people are saying, nature's way of letting you know how hard your body is working.. me, I've got to go get my eyes checked tomorrow thanks to my Delaney :)