Friday, November 6, 2009

She's gone

Still no Sophie. She must have snuck out last night as Mike came in the door. We've searched high and low in the house and haven't seen anything. So tonight we made posters and hung them up. I asked neighbors to keep an eye out. We're going to call the pound tomorrow just to cover all bases. We put food and water out front in hopes that she'll find her way back to us. Please keep us in your thoughts and hope for the best. I know it may seem silly to some, but she's part of our family and she's missing. Mike and I are both depressed and struggling with this. I've never had a pet go missing and I'm so upset even at the thought of not having her here anymore.


v said...

Of course it isn't silly. I hope she's home and well soon.

Rotten said...

I would be so sad and scared. You are not silly for feeling the way you do. I hope she comes home soon.

K said...

I can't even imagine what this must have felt like. We have two indoor kitties, and if they ever got out, I'd be beside myself.

I'm so glad to see that she's back!