Sunday, November 1, 2009

Not sure where to go from here

So, it's November and I'm going to try to make this my month of posting every day. Don't know if it will happen, but it's on my list so, I figure why not start now?
Here's my problem: I don't know where to go from here. This started out as a blog about me and my infertile bitterness and struggle to become a mommy. While I still consider myself to be in the infertile and pregnancy loss family, I have been able to go on to the successful side (where I hope to see so many others soon). I don't want to alienate my fellow IFers with non-stop talk of baby, but that's kinda my life now. I struggled to get her for so long (not as long or as hard as some others, but plenty for me) and I want to document her life. I don't want this to turn completely into a "mommy blog" either though. So where to go from here?
I have a feeling it will run mostly along the lines of baby mixed with some anecdotes about things happening at work and randomness that I note from day to day. Pretty boring but things I like to share, ya know?
So, to all of my IF friends, I apologize in advance and understand if you need to stop following (although I hope you won't). I will keep following along with your journeys and wishing you the best, as always.
For my non-IF friends, I hope you'll continue to hang out even when I'm not the most amazing person to read (as if I ever was huh?). In general, I hope to be keeping in touch more with the blogosphere and I hope to hear from you guys too! Oh, and here's a picture of Bridget because I can.

From her 4 month "photo shoot" which was almost a month ago already. HOLY COW where does the time go?


Rotten said...

I am doing the same thing - 30 posts in 30 days so I will try and help keep you to your plan if you try and help me. :)
I think you need to write what makes you feel comfortable and those that want to follow, will follow. I know I will still be here because come on, who couldn't oooo and awww over that cute face?? I love keeping up with your life and miss you when you are not around so keep it up. :)

Shanny said...

I can't commit to this posting everyday business.... I know I would fail miserably, good for you for willing to give it a try!

And as an IF chick who's been following you from before, I see you as nothing more than an inspiration that one day I'll be where you are.... and for me to know exactly where you are as time goes by I guess I *must* keep following =)

Zap said...

Bridget looks like a super hero in that picture. Part of the FANTASTIC FOURS or something suitably cute. She's starting to get some cute baby rolls too! ;)