Monday, September 15, 2008

Ok, I'll admit it

I am actually feeling hope for this cycle. I haven't felt this way in, oh, I really don't know how long. Our timing was perfect according to the CBEFM. I've been on meds that are supposed to help avoid early miscarriage. And I have been taking my prenatals every day. (not even skipping a few days here and there like I had been doing when I wasn't ovulating.)

I really hope this is our month. It's been "in the water" as everyone around me is getting pregnant. Hello FIVE women at school.

So please keep us in your thoughts and send any pregnancy vibes you can spare over here. Thanks.

The Hopeful Infertile


Rach said...

I'll send you a bottle of our "water" and cross all fingers and toes for you guys.

Conflicted Dreams said...

I will keep all my fingers, toes and eyes crossed!

Sarah R. said...

even Delaney's fingers are crossed over here. We're all going to hang in that 2 week wait with you and love and support you the whole way through!

Zap said...

If it is any consolation... I've been having rhino dreams the last couple nights. Odd... I know!

kate said...

Haha Zap! Go super magical rhino :)