Friday, September 26, 2008

Do you see what I see?

So, I tested this morning. Lookie what I got.....

Yes internet, that IS a plus in the first window. And a plus means PREGNANT!!! Isn't that a beautiful sight? After 18 months of trying and one miscarrige, I'm finally pregnant again. I am scared, and excited, and scared, and nervous, and hopeful, and oh, did I mention scared? Terrified even? But soooooo happy. Ecstatic. Joyful.

I haven't technically missed my period yet though. I think at least one of those scared feelings will go away if I make it through the weekend with no AF showing up. I have the feeling of cramps that I get before AF shows. But absolutely no spotting which is a very good thing.

I went and got blood work done today. I should have beta and progesterone results on Monday. ::fingers crossed:: that everything is normal and that we have our baby in our arms at this time next year.

So internet, sorry to keep you waiting (as if you're all just so interested in my fertility status). You now know as much as me. :)

Now Katie needs to get her BFP. The CBEFM train needs to complete it's rounds. :D


Sabrina Horton said...

COngrats! I hope it sticks!

Katie said...

oh I am so excited for you. Now send the BFP fairy to my house please . Thanks! I'm so excited for you!! Did you have any symptoms?

Rach said...

OMG!!!! I am SOOOOO HAPPY FOR YOU!!! I just yelled out loud "She's Pregnant Yayyy!!" and my husband yelled back "Las Vegas?" (That's you) We are so thrilled for you. I know exactly where you right now and I am sending all my best wishes and hopes for a happy and healthy pregnancy!! CONGRATULATION!

kate said...

Katie, I'm totally sending her your way. No symptoms really. Is having a completely and utterly stuffed up nose a symptom? Cause that I have.

Aw Rach, thanks. :)

v said...

hey, i'm somewhat sick, exhausted and incoherent, but i'm posting anyway. i'd call, but it's 1:43. i hope...oh aunt flo? doesn't show up (is this the AF of which you speak? i was thinking absurd f*er, but i didn't know how obscure the reference would be). i hope you followed that. so anyhow, i'm sending all the best vibes your way. if you want to call me in the middle of the night, feel free (as it's obvious i don't sleep). except, you'll have to drive to the park to do that, so that might not work.