Thursday, September 11, 2008

Just call me Piggy McPiggerston

Apparently, I'm a big fat pig. And I don't understand the point of appetizers.

How do I come to this conclusion you might ask. Well, let me help.

We (the teachers at school) got coupons today for a restaurant. The coupon was for a free appetizer with the purchase of two entrees. As I'm reading the coupon and thinking "well, I'll just hang on to this," one of the office staff and another teacher walk by and throw their coupons out. I didn't think much of it as some people may not eat there or don't use coupons. Whatever. But then their conversation starts. The main point being - This coupon is useless. Who eats an appetizer AND entrees? If I get an appetizer, it's my meal.

What?! Isn't the point of appetizers to eat before a meal. At least that's the impression I had. Heck, often when Mike and I go out to eat we get an appetizer, entrees, AND dessert. GASP!!! How could we? Now mind you, there are places where appetizers are absolutely meals on their own. Claim Jumper comes to mind. Also, at places where meals are family style (like most Chinese places), we order two appetizers and only one entree. But these are exceptions. I rarely go into a place thinking I'm only going to eat an appetizer. Maybe I'm crazy. Or just a big fat cow.

So tell me- Are appetizers meant to be your meal or are my school people nuts?


Rach said...

You are correct. An appetizer by one definition is "a bit of something that excites a desire for more." You know... like a teaser before your real meal. Duh!

So you go eat your appetizers and laugh at those people who just don't "get" it.

Amanda said...

I'm totally with you on this one. Sounds like two people are probably always hungry from only eating appetizers ;)

kate said...

Thanks for confirming my non-craziness girls! :)

v said...

First of all...

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Okay then!

And, yes, appetizers are something we very much enjoy ordering *before* we order entrees. The horror! I just asked a friend also, and she said "If I go out to eat, I got all out." So do we. And, you know me and desserts...if I go out, I very much like to order one of those too.

So, if you guys go out to celebrate tonight, have appetizers, entrees and desserts!