Sunday, September 6, 2009

She's growing so fast!

Well, today my baby is 3 months old. It's gone by so quickly. I'm sad to see it fly by, but I'm so happy to watch her grow. It's such a strange feeling. Bridget is meeting all of her milestones at the right times. Her newest tricks are blowing spit bubbles, rolling onto her side (and occasionally rolling all the way from her tummy to her back), and gripping things. The last one being her favorite at the moment.

We went out today and got her some new toys. She can have the 3+ month toys now. Hahhaa! So we picked up a few different rattles and such so try to get her interest. Her favorite is the O Ball (I think that's what it's called). Anyways, it's light and easy to grip and she had a blast with it on the floor today. Witness the gripping!

Yes, she has wrist rattles on too. :) I told you we rattled it up today.

And of course we had to take her 3 month photos. We chose a new location this month and I think we'll take all our pictures here from now on. I like the background better and Bridget can sit up on her own against the cushions. Oh my gosh, she's sitting!

Happy 3 months baby! I'm so happy you're mine. I can't picture my life without you in it.


Katie Cupcake said...

She gets cuter each time you post! I love all her hair

Shanny said...

Happy 3 months Bridget!!!!

Rotten said...

I can still remember when you got pregnant and just look at where you are now. Such a sweetheart. I am so happy that she brings you so much joy. I totally "get" that. Happy 3 months B!!

v said...

I love these pictures! She's so incredibly cute! And, I remember wrist rattles. :)