Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Magical mysical powers!

Apparently breastmilk has them. Bridget has had dry patches of skin on her cheeks for weeks now. It feels like excema (I know because I have it). Anyways, I talked to her pedi who gave me the completely useless information of "No lotions on babies under 6 months." Well thanks dude, that helps a lot.

So, I headed to the local crunchy mama store to look for homeopathic remedies or other ideas that could help. The lady at the store asked, "Have you tried breastmilk?" What? Breastmilk? "Umm, what do I do with it? She drinks it but that's about it." She said to squeeze a little out and put it on the rashy spot. Thinking to myself "well, it can't hurt" I went home and tried it. Lo and behold, within a day all traces of the dry spots were gone. Gone I tell you!

"Look Mommy. No Bumps!" Yaaay baby!

Amazing stuff this breastmilk.


Shanny said...

You must bottle it up and sell it, you must! Lol

That picture is the by far the most adorable yet!

v said...

I agree that this picture is incredibly adorable! I also agree that breastmilk is fabulous.

Rotten said...

So not surprising. Breast milk has always amazed me. Maybe it would work for my crows feet too?? Damn... I should have kept some. :)