Saturday, September 12, 2009

What a difference a year makes

I was thinking this morning that last year on this day I was peeing on another stupid CBEFM stick and started jumping for joy when it FINALLY gave me a peak. Yes ladies and gent (I believe there's only one of you reading this), last year little eggy Bridget was released to make the trek down to her squishy little 9 month home inside of me.

And now look at her. Playing outside in this big wide world!

La la la la laaaaaaaaa!

We went to a Music Together baby class this morning and had so much fun! We danced and sang and played with instruments. Bridget loved the maracas and kept using it like a little microphone. It was too cute. And now we'll be going to baby music class every Saturday and I'm so excited.

Then we got to go have sushi for the first time since, well, about this time last year. Yaaaaaay! Yummy, yummy, yummy!

Screaming orgasm. Just what everyone needs on their birthday. Hahah!

Enjoying my spicy crab hand roll. Mmmmmmmm. Seriously, so happy to have sushi again!

It was a great birthday. I can't remember one I have enjoyed so much. Here's to hoping for a great upcoming year!


v said...

Cute top. I'm glad you had a great birthday.

Rotten said...

AWESOME birthday. Well, any day involving sushi is AWESOME! I remember a year ago. I remember yelling "yippeeee" at Jess when (not long from this date last year) you posted that you were pregnant. It has been a great year for you and I bet staring at B's face every morning makes everything even better.

Zap said...

Happy Sushi Day! Hope it was fun! And I'm sure there are other 'gents' who read this and were just as grossed out. ;)