Friday, September 11, 2009

New beginnings

**Sorry I missed posting yesterday. I was so trying to post every day this month. Leave it to fate to screw with my plans. My laptop decided to die. I think Mike has revived it for a short time but if I go missing again, my laptop is probably dead beyond repair.**

BIG NEWS!! After more than a year of working at a job he HATED, Mike's last day of work was today. He starts his new job on Monday and both of us are really looking forward to it. Not only will it be a much less stressful job, it will be better pay and a reliable paycheck.

Up to now, he's been working in a small business with very few employees and things have just gotten worse and worse in the three years he's been there. Mike finally got fed up enough and seriously started looking for a new job when he walked into work 5 months ago and they announced that they were cutting everyone's pay by 20%. Yeah. We're just going to take away a day worth of pay each week. Because don't you know that that's just what everyone can handle right now? And it was especially great timing for us being that we were saving up because there was a baby coming. ::sigh:: Then for the past 2 months, payroll hasn't gone through. Which leads to us overdrawing our account and fees and bounced checks and all sorts of other badness. BooHiss!

But now, things will be better! His new job is with the county, so he'll be getting government benefits and he'll only be doing the job of ONE person (where before he had about 5 job descriptions). I'm hoping that this will lead to a but less stressed household around here.

Plus, we just got his truck fixed. It's been down for almost 10 months. It's going to be interesting getting used to having two cars again. What will I do with myself in the mornings now that I won't have to rush around to get him to work in time? I have a few great ideas. Many involve sleeping (which is probably wishful thinking since there's a little person called Bridget :)). They will probably include spending some quality smiley time with my Bridgey in the morning and watching the news again while feeding her.

I have a huge smile just thinking about all of this. ::Warm fuzzies:: Now off to bed. Fresh bamboo sheets call my name (that's a whole other post right there).


v said...

Yea, Mike! Congratulations to him. I'm also glad his truck is finally fixed. Both of these must be an enormous relief to you guys.

Happy Birthday! I'm calling you now, but if I don't talk to you:

Happy Birthday, baby,
You're the one,
May your presents bring you
Lots of fun
May your joys continue
'til you're one-hundred-and-o-ne
Happy Birthday, to you!

Shanny said...

Yay for Mike! I'm so glad things are looking up for you guys, and your sleeping an extra minute in the mornings =)
Good luck to him with this new job, sending you guys lots and lots of positive vibes!

Rotten said...

Sounds to me like things are looking up. How awesome. It must be such a weight off your shoulders knowing that not only will he be happier, but he won't be so stressed worrying about a paycheck. YAY! Oh please let us know what you end up doing with all of that time in the morning. Maybe taking more and more cute pics of B and sharing them.