Friday, May 30, 2008

The diva has arrived

So, this has been keeping me busy lately.

Her name is Ebony and she is available for adoption at through the Southern Nevada Pug Rescue. This is the same place we got our wonderful Chiisai from and we're fostering Ebony for them. She really is very sweet but the period of adjustment has been hard on all of us. Considering that she's 8 years old (senior citizen in dog years) she is a bundle of energy. Holy cow this girl goes nonstop! The first thing she does when I let her out of her crate in the morning is grab a toy and start walking in circles. Then, she'll stare at her tail for a few moments then, ZOOOOOM, the chasing commences. It's insane. Her tail must really piss her off to no end. She's a little diva and refuses to go up or down stairs. We have to carry her outside so she'll go potty. But, her face is just so dang cute...

Who could say no to that?! Hopefully, someone will want to adopt her soon before I get disowned by my entire household for bringing this diva in. :)

On a side note, just so you're aware, there are only 2 and a half days left of school. (Not that I'm counting or anything. ) :)



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