Monday, May 19, 2008


Holy crap it's HOT!!!! 106 degrees today and it's only gonna get worse. Remind me again why I live in Vegas? Oh yes, I remember (That comma doesn't seem like the right punctuation for that sentence. Oh well. That's what's staying there.) It's where the jobs are.

I had a great weekend.

Actually got into a swimsuit for the first time in two years. It was kinda nice to be in the pool and not feel too self conscious about my body. It helps when the other people around you are not perfect little skinny airheads. Thanks for having a get together Jules.

Then, I went to a pug meetup at The District. I love hanging out with my pug friends. Especially at The District on a beautiful night full of misters and live music. FABULOUS! And, I get to see Chiisai's "WE'RE GOING FOR A WAAAAAAALK!!!!" face. Hilarious.

After that, a late night showing of Iron Man with bunches of friends. Great movie. If you're on the fence about seeing it, I highly recommend you do. Great lines and good acting.

Then, Sunday was gaming with Evan. I really enjoyed the session and it was good to get back into it after a two month haitus. My inner geek was starting to feel ignored. But, she is satisfied now. Yaaay!

In fertility news, I'm 5dpo (days past ovulation for those not in the know) and am trying to not get my hopes up. We had really great timing this month and I'm taking the provera which, fingers crossed, should get my progesterone up high enough to hold on to an egg. I got my first BFP May 21st of last year. It's kinda a crappy anniversary to be coming up on and it keeps poking me in the back of the brain. At this time last year, Mike and I were in San Diego enjoying the sun and Shamu. We had no idea that I was pregnant. I was feeling great and was so happy with my life. Now, after the miscarriage, my wedding anniversary has been tainted with this shadow of sadness. I'm really hoping that May can be our happy month this year just like it was last year. And the year before that. Keep us in your thoughts please. Thanks.

Alright, that's all for now. I'm off to watch Dancing with the Stars!

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