Monday, June 22, 2009

She's sleeping

So I will try to update while she is quiet.  Seriously, last night was the toughest yet.  This child would not sleep.  She was wide awake from 7pm-4am.  Luckily, it was a quiet awake and not a screaming/crying awake.  Then, she went to sleep from 4-6 and was up again.  She's slept a little bit this morning but not for any stretches longer than 30 minutes.  I feel terrible for Mike.  He's been absolutely amazing at making sure I get sleep at night by taking her until she falls asleep.  Last night he would not let me take her from him though.  And he was soooo tired.  He's worried that if I walk with her and don't rest, I won't heal from the c-section.    Poor thing held her ALL NIGHT and then went to work this morning.  I LOVE that he cares so much for me and her, but I'm worried that he's going to make himself sick if he doesn't get some rest.  I really hope this little girl figures out the difference between night and day soon.

Anyway, I didn't start this post to complain.  I started it to show you more pictures of this little girl.

First day home.  Isn't that the cutest dress.  Oh, and that pacifier... Drives me crazy but keeps her happy so it has become a permanent fixture.  

Bridget and Mike with his brother and sister (and Chiisai).  His little brother is so cute with her.  He thinks having the "uncle" title is the absolute greatest thing in the world.

Meeting great-grandma for the first time. Grandma was amazed with all the hair. (as is everyone it seems)

First bath. (well, sponge bath b/c her cord stump is still there) She was NOT happy with the getting wet part but she LOVED the baby towel. This kid loves to be swaddled.

Finally, Happy First Father's Day to Mike. We took this last night so it's the most up to date picture of her. I can't believe she is already more than two weeks old.
Well, she's waking up.  I got lucky with 45 minutes.  I have other things to post about (my awesome mom, the adorable gift from Rotten, the animals' reaction to the little one) so, hopefully I'll get to them in a few days.  
I miss you all.  I'm still keeping up with you.  I'll comment when I can.  


v said...

Pic says, 'I like she. She's beautiful!' I agree. Great pictures. I hope you guys get sleep soon. Maybe you can convince Mike to take turns every other night or something before he burns himself out.

Rotten said...

So adorable and look at that hair!!! I am sure Mike never really wanted to be the night owl that he has become huh? :) He's right though... you need to heal and you will have plenty of late nights all to yourself to let him sleep once you are a little more healed. I still highly recommend the yoga ball bounce. Even in her fussiest moments, that thing put Cailin right to sleep after some good bounce time. But every kid is different so you guys will find your way. :)

v said...

If only we'd had a yoga ball then. Ah, well. (Actually, I should have tried that last night when Pic woke up at 12:30.)

Also, sorry it's taken me so long to add to my above comment, but I've been thinking about it all day. And then Rotten posted what I was thinking. You definitely do have to make sure that you heal well. I'd always take care of Pic in the night because, like Mike, Cardo had to work in the morning, but there ended up being a lot of days when I felt a bit (or more) resentful that he'd been able to sleep and I hadn't. I just hope that Mike is finding some time to catch up on his sleep too. (I also hope that you're able to rest during the day when Bridget does, although I know you said that wasn't really happening yet. Even if the house doesn't get cleaned and you wear pajamas all day, you deserve the rest. The other stuff will come when she's letting you guys get your much needed sleep at night.)

Finally (FINALLY!), please remember that I said this is all so very easy for me to say, but I practiced very little of it myself. I might sound serene here, but I rarely felt anything near serene then. I guess it comes with the territory.

kate said...

Ah yes, the yoga ball. It is Mike's best friend. Unfortunately, it doesn't get her to sleep but it does stop the crying. Mike bounces on it for hours. I keep telling him it's good for his "core." Haha.
Thanks for the advice girls. I know it will get easier. It's just hard right now.

Shanny said...

She is perfect!!!!!! umm though I hope she starts sleeping at night.
Happy father's day to Mike.. belated but still =)

Conflicted Dreams said...

Good for his core :) Glad that you guys seem to being doing well!

t.bird said...

she came out! finally! congrats mom!
and i love that dress- too cute!