Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Nothing to report **updated**

Just wanted to let you all now that there's still no baby arrival.  I'm about to head out for an NST and then a doctor's appointment.  I'm feeling pretty crappy today.  I'm kinda hoping that it will lead to labor.  I'll let you now if there's anything interesting later today.

Alrighty, so I've been having contractions here and there today.  Caught three during the 20 minute NST.  TOCOS was going up to about 35 so they're getting stronger.  But alas, they have stopped now.  Oh yeah, and my bp was 118/68.  SWEET!  I was quite proud.  haha.

The doctor says I'm at almost 3cm dilated, 70% effaced, and the baby is at a -3 station (firmly against the cervix but not pushing down yet.)  He says nothing will likely change until labor actually starts.  But hey, I've definitely made progress.  They say the first stage of labor is progressing from 0-3.  Does that mean I'm already done with that part?  If so, that was easy.  :)

So, now we just keep waiting.  Hopefully she shows in the next few days.  My doctor is apparently going out of town this weekend so if she comes after Friday, someone I have never met will be delivering the baby.  Hmmm....  Oh well I gess.  As long as she gets here and is healthy, I'll be happy.


Katie said...

Come on baby!

Rotten said...

Oh THANK YOU for updating. I was doing the equivalent of pacing in a waiting room... only in cyber space.

My mom jumped in a cold pool and went into labor if you are feeling adventurous! Keep us posted. Can't wait!!!!

kate said...

Oh haha Rachel! Actually a lady at work the other day told me that she did a connonball into the pool with her last and that's what broke her water. Seriously, I think I need to find a pool!

Rotten said...

See... you should listen to your friends! :)

Look at you at your 3 cm dilation! Good for you! Sounds like she is taking her sweet time. Let's hope that is only for the first stage and not the last. ;) So excited. It's getting so close. Yippeeee.