Wednesday, March 4, 2009

I'm so awesome at keeping secrets!

I didn't even tell you guys.  You should be very proud.  Anyways, here's the big secret.  Mike got a new computer!  As a surprise from some friends of his.  A surprise from some online friends. They got him a new computer.  ::jaw drops on floor::  

A bit of background:  My husband is a computer geek.  Big time.  And he plays tons of games on the computer.  He has been very sad recently (well, for about a year) that our computer is becoming obsolete and he can't play any of the new games coming out.  We just haven't been able to afford a new computer for him though. So, he's been saving money here and there to be able to get himself the stuff he wants.  By our calculations, he'd probably have enough by Christmas.  (By which point we'd probably need the money for something baby related).

Anyways, Mike plays a game called CounterStrike.  It's an online war game thingy (that's a technical term).  It's played with other people.  Mike's been playing with the same group of guys for about two years.  All of those guys live in the middle of the country and work at a big computer store.  They keep Mike updated on sales and other cool computer geek stuff that they have and they know that Mike's been saving.

Mike's birthday is coming up and so the guys said they were going to send him a picture of themselves as a present (this is something that doesn't come across as strange if you know the guys).  About a week ago, I had a message from a strange man with an Australian accent on my cell (long story as to how they had my number).  The message says basically "hey, this is the guys from the game your husband plays online.  We all got together and are sending him a new computer for his birthday (a quote "because we figured - why the hell not").  It'll be at your house next week.  Keep it a secret."  WHAT?!  Are you frickin' kidding me?! I was at a complete loss for words and was glad that it was a message.  I probably would have passed out if I had heard the news AND had to react in a coherent manner.  But I now had to keep a HUGE secret from Mike for a week.  How the heck was I going to do that?  And to make it worse, the guys kept talking to him online about how much he had saved and the things he wanted for his new computer.  Knowing the whole time that a new one was on the way.  

To make as already very long story a bit shorter, the computer came today.  And I kept the secret!  Allow me to show you the utter happiness of my husband.

Happy birthday honey.  No one deserves it more.  


v said...

How entirely awesome! Happy Birthday to Mike!

Rotten said...

You are such a good wife. I am horrible about keeping secrets especially when they are about things that will make Jess happy. Hopefully you won't have to drag him away from it. :)

Zap said...

Happy B-Day, Mike! I like the new chin stylings!