Friday, March 13, 2009

Problem #1

I knew it was bound to happen. I couldn't get through this whole pregnancy with no side effects AND no possible problems. (Well, I suppose I could, but it's just not in my history for things to work out so.) (Don't worry, everything with the baby is fine and I'm most likely fine. too.)
Here's what's up:
My blood pressure was high. Even after peeing in a cup my blood pressure was high. This really concerned the doctor and the nurse. Which of course concerned me. Which of course led to sobbing in my car after the appointment (but that's jumping a bit ahead of the story). So, my blood pressure was high (147/76 or something like that) which is apparently one of the first symptoms of *possible* pre-eclampsia and/or toxemia (are these things the same? I don't think so but the doctor mentioned both.) The doctor immediately jumped to, "Well, we need to get some baseline data to start. So, I'm sending you to get blood work done to test liver and kidney function. Also, you'll need to do a 24 hour urine test." Um, excuse me. A what? "It tests for protein in the urine over a 24 hour period. There are acceptable levels and we need to see if you are over them. When we just tested your urine, it was fine. But I still want to have this as a baseline. So, just head over to the lab and they'll set everything up." And then he left because he got called to a delivery. Thanks dude.
And there's me, sitting on the stupid table thinking "Uhhh, ok. My state of mind isn't quite all there at the moment. What am I doing?" Since I'm not showing any other symptoms of either of these, I'm trying not to be overly concerned. But I am.
I head out to the lab. They take my blood and hand me a flattened brown jug that apparently I am supposed to collect my urine in (blech!!!!). The best (*sarcasm alert*) thing about all of this - we're traveling this weekend. A 7-8 hour car trip starts tonight. Then, we will be traveling back from said trip on Sunday. And I have to have this jug turned in on Monday. Which means - yes - I will be carrying a jug of pee with me into public restrooms along the way. I think I may need to buy myself some sort of bag to hide it in. This is ridiculous. I'm red with embarrassment just thinking about it.
On a good note, baby's heartbeat was 137. I'm measuring 30cm (It's supposed to be 1cm/week, so I'm 1cm over, but that's apparently normal). She's moving around like she's supposed to. So, as long as she's ok, I'll carry around my jug of pee to make sure she stays that way.


v said...

I hope everything turns out okay. Have a safe trip. (Yes, I know that I'll see you before you read this, but I'm thinking it now.)

Shanny said...

Oh boy, hope you'll be ok and that the Dr is worried for no good reason. Have fun on the trip and and umm... on carrying around your jug of pee lol
::sending you positive vibes::

Sabrina Horton said...

I hope everything turns out alright.