Friday, May 22, 2009

No news and some rambling

Nothing new to report.  She's still head down.  Her fluid levels are good.  I got in a bonus ultrasound.  Hooray!  And that's about it on the baby front.

Mike really thinks she's going to come this weekend.  I asked if he wanted to go to a movie and he said, "Well, I'm kinda scared.  I don't want you to start having contractions during the movie." Haha.  So are we staying home until she comes then?  I'm not planning on it.

Today was also my last day of work.  I was originally planning to work until she came.  But, my office manager got a long term sub for me weeks ago and I decided today to take advantage of that. There is so much to get done before the end of the year (report cards, comments, awards, assessment scores, etc...) that I decided that it would be much less stress on me to have time to get these things done at home.  Then, I can go in after the school day is over and get everything put in.  It will be so nice not to have to worry about how to fit it all in AND teach during the day. I told my kids today that they would have a new teacher starting next week.  They were actually really excited because they know the baby could be here any time.  I said I would probably come in to visit and that I would tell their sub when the baby came.  So hooray - no more work (well, no more going in to work) until AUGUST!  ::happy dance (as much as my pregnant, swolleness (sp?) will allow)::

I will leave you tonight with a few pictures from my baby shower.  One of my best friends made me an amazing baby scrapbook with shower pictures and lots of open pages created for me to put in pictures and info for all the holidays and important events for her first year.  So great!  And now I have pictures to share. :)

Family picture. My mom, my grandma, and me. My grandma was so excited. She's almost blind now but she was so happy to be there. I'm so glad she made it.

My MIL, me, and my mom. Can you see the excitement on my mom's face?

I love this picture. My mom kisses and talks to the belly every time I see her. I'm glad I have a picture of this so I can remember it forever.

This shot requires some explanation. It's my reaction to the next picture.

This is the baby sampler that my mom is making for the baby. A bit of background on this: I saw this baby sampler in one of my mom's cross-stitch magazines when I was 8. I told my mom I wanted it when I had a baby. I remember her saying "Kate, do you know how BIG that sucker is?" Well, no, I didn't - I was 8. Anyways, apparently, my mom bought the pattern then and has saved it for 20 years. She started it when I was pregnant with the baby we lost.  She started working on it again when we got pregnant this time. She kept it all a big secret.  And now it's almost done. And let me tell you - it's HUGE! Seriously, it's at least the size of a receiving blanket. And the pattern was 12 PAGES long. Isn't it great though?! I love all the little animals and the little angels watching over everything.  I can't wait to see it completely finished and hung in her room.

ONE WEEK until the due date!


Rotten said...

Yay for belly pics!! You look fabulous!

Your mom's gift is super sweet! Don't you love it when they do stuff like that. Just wait until you get to do it for your little girl! :)

Shanny said...

Time is almost here, wow!