Thursday, May 21, 2009

Be careful what you ask for

So, yesterday's post asking for progress must have worked. Just a little. Don't worry, I'm still here. Baby is still there. Everything's good. But last night I had a pretty serious case (bout, session?) of contractions. They weren't really painful for the most part. But they were about five minutes apart and the whole shebang lasted for a solid four hours. We didn't get to go to sushi. I didn't go to the hospital (my thinking- "These aren't too bad. I'd rather be uncomfortable at home whre I can eat and drink and move around than uncomfortable in the hospital.") Mike and I are hoping that this development moved the little one down and she's getting ready to come soon.
I have an NST today, so I'll check to see if she's changed positions or any of that. ::fingers crossed:: she'll be here before the end of May.
T-8 days until she's due.


Conflicted Dreams said...

OK -- so ignore my comment on the last post about the sushi :)

I'm still betting on June 3 to share my birthday!!

Rotten said...

Thank you for the awesome updates! Cailin and I are crossing our fingers that we'll read one soon that says she is on her way! 4 hours of contractions is a good sign she is saying "Hi mommy, I'm getting ready." Yay!

v said...

Sorry about the sushi but I'm glad she's thinking about coming along.

shawna said...

Almost time!! The last few days are absolute torture. I hope that they fly by for you.