Friday, May 29, 2009

Due date = still no baby

She's perfectly content hanging out in there apparently.  On to tomorrow.  As long as she comes out healthy I can stand it a bit longer.  She's actually really good in there.  I won't ever be able to use the "You used to kick me in the ribs" guilt trip with this one.  She never has. ::knock wood::  But the poor thing is just running out of room.  I think she'll be much happier out here where she can stretch a bit.  Don't you think?

So, I've been keeping myself busy today.  I think nesting has officially kicked in.  I completely organized the nursery and made sure it's presentable.  What do you think?  A confession-  this is what it started out looking like:

Just terrible. Even Sophie almost got lost in there.  It was our catch all room. Now, it looks like this:

Chiisai approves.  :) I love it.  Now I just need to have some stuff to hang on the walls.  Maybe I'll pick up some little shelves or something tomorrow.  And we have to get an actual knob for the door.  Right now it has a pull down handle type knob and Sophie cat has figured out how to open the door.  She thinks the crib is hers and Zoe has taken to the bassinet.  Not gonna happen.

Oh, and here's some belly pics.  Last week, 39 weeks

And 40 weeks!  Taken tonight, May 29th, the EDD.

So folks, until tomorrow, send some quick labor thoughts my way. Good night!


shawna said...

I love the nursery. I love the belly. And most of all, I love that you're about to be a mommy! I will be thinking about you.

Devon said...

Precious nursery! Love that bedding! ;) Come on little baby!!!

v said...

Yea for pictures! The nursery looks great. You look great. I really like your green top.

Rotten said...

The nursery looks so cozy! I love before and after pics!

And like I said before, you are a good host and your little girl just doesn't want to come out yet. You've accomplished your first really big job as a mom exceptionally well - you created a safe place for her to grow! Good job. Now let's move on out little one. Mom needs to get to her second big job - getting you out safe and sound and meeting you for the first time.

Keep us posted!!