Monday, April 20, 2009

It's been so long I've forgotten

I have no idea where I last left you guys off.  Was it two weeks ago?  Three?  I have no idea so I'll just start with basics.  

Everyone here is good.  Baby is growing, I'm growing, Mike's growing (much to his displeasure).  I swear, his belly wass keeping up with mine until about a month ago.  Haha!  I would love to update with pictures, but alas, my camera cord has completely run away.  We can't find it anywhere.  ::sigh::

I can't believe how close we're getting.  A little more that 5 weeks and she's due to be here.  WOW!  And we have almost nothing done or ready for her.  Alright Kate, get on top of things.  Our plan is to paint the nursery this weekend and get all her furniture set up.  I think once that's done, I'll feel I have things more under control.  My showers are coming up.  Work shower is at the end of the month and family/friends shower is the second weekend of March.  I'm looking forward to them. Then I can start sorting and returning and washing and all that fun stuff.  ::deep breaths:: We'll make it.

My blood pressure has continued to be high at doctor visits.  Last time was 142/91.  When I take it at home though, it's all good.  I told the doctor that it's just them.  They freak me out.  Still no protein in my urine.  No swelling.  Nothing other than the high bp for any signs of pre-eclampsia. So that's all good.  

The doctor is still being very jump-the-gun proactive about it though and has me doing twice weekly neonatal stress tests.  I get to go in  lay on a recliner hooked up to belly monitors that check for her heartbeat and any contractions.  Plus I get a spiffy little push button thingy to click each time I feel her move.   So far all's well.  Her heartbeat goes a little low at times but then shoots right back up so no one is concerned as of now.  We'll see what happens in the next few weeks.

In other news, we got rear-ended today.  Before anyone freaks out, we're all good.  My car is fine except a small dent and crack in my bumper.  I'm just freaked out.  I'm worried about every twinge that *might* not be normal.  Mike's pretty calm about the whole thing.  I have a feeling that by tonight we'll be making a trip to l&d.  I really don't want to be *that* pregnant lady but I would rather be safe than sorry, ya know?  I'll let you guys know what happens.

Now, I'm going to go lay down and rest with a good book, a cuddly pug, and two protective kitties.


Rotten said...

Yaayyyyyyy... there you are! We have missed you and are ecstatic to hear that things are going well (minus the rear-end... yikes!). Can you believe how little time you have left. How exciting. Please please please post belly pics and nursery pics soon. Miss you.

v said...

Oh, my heart stopped regardless of your reassurance. Baby or no, car accidents (even fender-benders) can be scary. I'm so glad you're okay and I completely agree with your better-to-be-safe-than-sorry philosophy.

I hope all is well. Good luck with la bambina's room.

Shanny said...

I'm so glad you guys are fine, hope you don't need to make that trip though. Enjoy your book =)