Wednesday, April 29, 2009

30 days left!

Holy cow, where did the time go? Well, I know where it all went. To me procrastinating and not getting anything done, that's where. I believe I am on the verge of panic, but then I just calm down by procrastinating some more. Yes, good thinking Kate. Instead of dealing with the things you need to get done that stress you out, put them off a bit longer so you can calm down. Do you see the cycle? Yes, people, it's bad. And now there's only 30 days left and I don't feel like I'm ready for her to be here in the least. I mean, ready to have a baby - yes. Ready to see her little hands and feet and discover her personality and who's nose she has - absolutely. A place for her to sleep - yeah, not so much. Carseat installed - nope. Clothes to put her in - again, that would be a negative.
So, it is now crunch time. FMLA paperwork gets sent in tomorrow (they won't take it until 30 days before your due date). Tape goes up in the room tonight or tomorrow (gotta get a level to make sure the lines are straight). Painting *hopefully* happens this weekend. And then Mike gets to put together the crib and bribe some people into getting the heaviest dresser in the world up the stairs. I have a breastfeeding class Thursday night and a Comfort Measures for Labor class next Tuesday. And then, there's the actually getting baby stuff. My work shower was yesterday and it was great. I have to get all of that stuff unpacked and put away. My friends and family shower is coming up soon. Hopefully she hold out until then. Oh, I actually found my camera cord the other night so there will be a picture EXTRAVAGANZA in the near future.
Okey doke, now that I've rambled enough to get my mind a bit clearer, I'm off to prepare for another day of second graders. ::deep breath::


Rotten said...

#1 Take a deep breath
#2 Newborn Babies will sleep just about anywhere
#3 Car seats take 5 minutes to put in (Tip -kneel on the base as you strap it in to get a good tight fit)
#4 Funny thing about baby clothes is that one minute you feel like you don't have any and the next minute everyone and their mother has sent you some! Also, you live in Vegas - wearing nothing but a diaper is very sheik!
Other than that, you sound like you are SOOOOO ready! We are very excited for Cailin to have a new girlfriend soon to gossip with in Vegas. Yippeeee!

v said...

I find it hilarious that we both have the same response to panic brought on by procrastination. More procrastination. :)

v said...

Interesting note about the tuna. I'll try that when I get home tonight.

How's everything going?

Dr.Rutledge said...

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