Tuesday, August 26, 2008

I have survived

The first few days back at school after three months off. My class seems like a pretty good group this year. *sigh of relief* I was having anxiety attacks for about a week leading up to the first day. Glad those are over (for the most part).

I know certain people *cough Duck* like to see my classroom, and I like to oblige, so here are some pictures. They are posted in sequence around the room in a clockwise fashion. So, if I could string them all together, you could have a 360 view of my room. But alas, I am not talented like that so you'll have to use your imagination.

View from the entry. My room is outside the actual building this year so I get natural light in there. Yaaay.

Looking right from the entrance. My small group table and the front of the room. The arrow and writing says, "Please note the obnoxious pink wall." Lovely, isn't it?

Continuing to look right, this time from the library corner. Isn't that pink wall just the best? *gag* And my TV that is stuck looking at the wall. Perfect.

Closeup of a new management technique I'm trying this year. Class/self check. So far, these first few days at least, it has worked pretty well.

Looking around some more. Look at my windows!! Yaaay for light!!!! Our ECS hasn't bothered installing the three other computers he said I was getting yet. That's what will go in that big empty space on the tables. And that teacher desk there under the backpack rack - it's gone now.

There's the door and the front view of the cabinets you see from the entrance.

And there's the library from another angle. Plus my crooked maps and birthday cakes. Also, "Please note the two different colored walls. Nice, eh?" The other message is pointing to where the pink wall is. You would think that in a room this small, they could at least get the color the same. But alas, no.

So, there's an update for you curious people out there. After about a week or so of at least 8 hour days working to set it up (it was an absolute wreck prior to this), my room is finished and is working on a whole new group of kids. :)

(BTW, please excuse any typos. It's late and getting these pictures posted has taken me forever for some reason.)


v said...

Yea for pictures! I love the room, especially the much-needed sunlight. Have a great year!

Nit said...

Love the pictures!!

My school decided that we can't hang any posters on the walls!! Some fire marshall rule, I guess!

So, needless to say the room is quite boring.

:)good luck this year!

v said...

I can't even imagine not being able to hang posters on the walls of a classroom. (Well, actually I can...but, not on a classroom that is only used by one teacher).

kate said...

Oh my goodness Nit, I can't imagine not being able to hang posters either. We're not allowed to have them within 15 inches of the ceiling, but nothing? That's just crazy.

JenM said...

Cute!!! I miss little kids. And windows.