Thursday, January 8, 2009

I have found a way back to you!

Hooray!!! I apologize so much for the long silence. Blame this as Mike has been playing it just about every night since he got it for Christmas. And I know that If I mentioned that I wanted to get on the computer, he would get off without an argument, but I feel bad. I just want my laptop to work again!

Anyways, internet, HELLO! Apparently blogger is not banned by the school district's communist internet blockingness. Yaay! So I am updating from school. This unfortunately means that I can't post any pictures. And I have some great ones from our trip to Phoenix while we visited Mike's family.

AlthoughI was worried about it, the visit was actually pretty good. My favorite part: We went to the Desert Botanical Gardens and saw the Chihuly exhibit. It was absolutely amazing! The things that man creates are awe inspiring.

I also got a great video monitor and a breast pump from Mike's mom for Christmas. So yaaay! Two big items out of the way already. I was so excited when I opened the monitor. I think Mike thought I was nuts. Haha.

In other pregnancy news, our Big Ultrasound is tomorrow. ::deep breath:: I keep having slight panic attacks. I know that in all likelyhood, everything is fine. But the "what if's" are getting to me. I don't know how to stop them either. So I just keep taking deep breaths and trying to calm down. It's working less and less. I wish that I had taken the entire day off tomorrow and not just the afternoon. I don't know how great a teacher I'll be what with the anticipation and anxiety. Oh well, the kids will survive one half day with a crazy teacher. Oh wait, they do that every day.

And since some of you are probably asking the same thing EVERYONE has asked us, we will find out the sex of the baby if a good oportunity presents itself. If there is no doubt about what the baby is, we want to know. If the u/s tech can't get a great shot, we're not worried about it. So, wish us luck tomorrow that all is well and good and that we will (or won't depending on your preference) know which team the baby will be on.

And as a parting question: What do you think is in there? I've been thinking boy from the beginning and Mike's been all about team pink. He's so confident that he's got me wondering and now I'm all confused. Everyone else that we've talked to thinks boy but is hoping for girl. What's your thought?

(Sorry for any spelling or grammatical errors. I'm not going back to edit this as the bell is going to ring very soon and I still have stuff to get done around this classroom.)


Rach said...

I am going with girl, but I am biased. :)

There is nothing you can really do about the "worry" of that big ultrasound. Just know that you have done everything you can so far to keep your little one safe and sound and the rest is out of your hands. My only suggestion is to focus on finding out the sex of the baby. That is the exciting part. If you are really nervous during it, have the doc tell you exactly what he/she is looking at during the scan. There is nothing more nerve racking then a quite, concentrating doc.

And hey, tell Mike to put the video game down. :) We have missed you!!!

Good luck. Can't wait to hear all about it.

zapswife said... I think boy but I'm hoping for a little girl for you (I'm biased too)

Shanny said...

Oh good luck tomorrow I hope you get to find out the sex!! I don't know I had this theory that girls took over 08 and 09 is the year of the boys. So I say boy =)
Glad you found a way to blog!

Zap said...

Since we have to have a boy now... you do to!

Conflicted Dreams said...

I think you are going to have a girl!! That is my big guess! Guess I've got a 50/50 shot :)