Saturday, January 24, 2009

Houston, we have movement

And we have had really noticable kicking/punching for a little more than a week now. They're so strong that Mike can feel them from the outside already. Quick story that cracked us both up:

The first time Mike felt the baby move, it kicked him right in the head! He was laying on my tummy talking to her and suddenly - bam- right in the cheek. Then two more above and below the temple. Hahaha. She can already defend herself. :)

And for your viewing pleasure (or just my memory if you don't enjoy them), here are some belly pics.

18w in Phoenix visiting Mike's family

18w in Phoenix

21w here at home. I know you can't really see the belly but I like this picture.

21w. Sorry for the blurriness. It's hard to take your own belly pics.

Oh and none of my kids have said anything yet. I'm amazed every day.


Shanny said...

Yay for belly pics! You look adorable =)
And her kicking Mike in the head? too funny lol

v said...

I second the 'yay for belly pics!' I really like that black shirt.

Ali'd always kick during class and when I was laying down to sleep (when I wasn't rocking her to sleep with my own movement). At night, in bed, Cardo'd always let me know, 'Hey, she's moving around in there.' Yes, dearie, I too can feel that. :)

zapswife said...

oh my lord you're adorable!!!! Simply adorable!!!
She's got sass already, at least we know that from how active she is :)

shawna said...

You look beautiful! I am am so glad that this is it for you, and she is ready to tell you about it.

Conflicted Dreams said...

You look beautiful Kate!!!!

rach said...

You look gorgeous. Glowing! You never see it yourself, but trust me, you are glowing.

So happy you are feeling all those kicks. They may keep you up at night later but they will always make you smile. :)

v said...

These are the belly pics I was telling you about:

Just in case you need inspiration. They crack me up.

v said...

Oh, and can you send me the link the baby rabies blog you were telling me about, please. I found one, but I'm thinking it's the wrong blog. Thanks.

v said...

Hey, thanks for sending the link. Also, thanks for your comment on the food post. Actually, everything you said was perfect. I just couldn't get out of that spiral yesterday and my mind wouldn't stop dwelling. Better day today, though, I hope.

v said...

Hey, look, it's me again! I don't think that "Everybody Hurts" will ever make me not cry. It's a good catharsis song, though.

I'd like to hear more about the diapers...sorry I suck with the phone lately.