Thursday, December 18, 2008


Isn't my little welcome penguin cute? He stands guard in front of my house. :)

YEEEEEEEEEEES! I never thought I'd get one of these. Yes! I live in Vegas and there's snow all over the place. I took pictures and I'll update later with them. Just needed to let you all know that I'm at home nice and cozy. Listening to Christmas music, drinking hot cocoa with whipped cream, and cuddling with Chiisai. It's a good day. This is just what I needed to get into the holiday spirit. (well, that and Rach's lovely inspirational comment on the last blog. Thanks Rach :)

**Edit: pics are here. enjoy!
This is our house this morning. See the icicles forming? For some reason, I'm excited about those. Oh, and my poor tree doesn't even look like a tree anymore.

None of the poor trees know what to do.

This is just down the street. Palm trees with snow!

I did this on Monday the first day it showed. I didn't think we'd be getting more. Haha. That weird thing at the bottom of the heart is a "B" for baby. Mike didn't get it.

And for your pleasure...

My first belly shot! 16w3d.

And from the front. (please excuse the filthy mirror and horrible blurriness)


Rach said...

You are so very welcome and what a beautiful house you have! I think a little snow can make anyone feel giddy and hearing you cuddled up inside and enjoying this time of year makes me smile. :)

Rach said...

Oh and YAAAYYYYYYY for belly pics! Love the top!

v said...

Okay, I'm really working on a paper right now. Really. Oh the snow! Our big storm for the week passed, but I don't find your snow boring or uninteresting in any way.

I was wondering if you were jumping up and down in the first belly pic because of the blurriness. :) I love the shirt!

I only have three pictures where you can tell I'm pregnant. I'm sure that two are from the same day, late in my pregnancy. One is of me making cookies and one is a dark one of me and Cardo in the living room. The other is a real belly pic with me clad only in a towel around my waist (I'm covering my breasts with my arm, though). I can't even locate any of these pictures now though. I'm glad you'll have some pictures to look back at.

Okay, back to CdP (my affectionate name for Christine de Pizan, the subject of my paper).

zapswife said...

Love the snow pictures and I LOVE the belly pics!!! You're too cute for words!

Amanda said...

Ah! You're cute pregnant belly! I love it. And the snow!