Thursday, December 4, 2008

One cranky cervix later

And the baby seems to be doing just fine! Strong heartbeat of 140 bpm. My blood pressure was high. I think that's just because I was freaking out though. Then they did a loverly pap exam. UGH! Not my favorite thing in the world anyways, but pregnant, it seemed to suck more than usual. And apparently I have a very sensitive cervix. It does not like being messed with. The doctor immediately said "Oh, you're going to have some spotting. I just barely swabbed and I can already see the bleeding." Wonderful. But everything's ok. And that's the best news I cold ever hope for.

The big ultrasound is scheduled for January 5th. I'm going to have to change it though because I realized on the way home that that is the first day back from Winter Break and I can't take it off. So hopefully I can get in just a few days later. We'll see.

So now you're as up to date as I am. Hooray!


v said...

Yes, hooray!

And, yes, pelvic exams during pregnancy suck. At least they did for me. I can't wait for the news in early January.

Rach said...

Yippeee for good doctor's appointments. Reminded me of my doctor repeating over and over again after my pregnant PAP that I would spot and not to freak out. It's funny now, but it was scary back then. :)

I am so happy that things are going well. Hopefully you are feeling better and you can take some deep breaths and enjoy your 2nd trimester for a while with less worry. :)

Amanda said...


Shanny said...

That's fantastic!
Well except for the high blood pressure and the sucky pap, but still. And the big ultrasound is so exciting!!!

Anonymous said...