Friday, July 9, 2010

My brilliant idea

Ok, so Bridget loves toast. She also loves fruit. So, brilliant me thought, "Hey, let's give her some toast with jelly!" Um, yeah. I don't think I can even describe the sticky mess that ensued (although I'm sure most of you can imagine.) That was a few weeks ago and she hasn't had jelly since. Until today, when I had another brilliant idea.
A while ago, Baby in the Kitchen posted about "dippy eggs" and how dipping teaches hand eye coordination and strengthens the pincer grasp. I have yet to make dippy eggs for Bridget (mostly because I can't stand the smell of hard boiled eggs. Blech!). I really wanted to do this for Bridget, but due to the smell issue, I just couldn't. Then I had an idea! I could make "dippy toast."
I put some fruit preserve into a small bowl, heated it up until it was liquidy, and then let Bridget dip her toast in it. She LOVED it! She "got it" so quickly. I guided her hand once or twice and then she was all over dipping all by herself (genius I tell ya!) And although there was still some stickiness, it was much more manageable because she's a pretty dainty little eater and only got the preserves on the tips of her fingers as they dipped the toast. It was awesome! I think this may become a regular part of breakfast.

Completely unrelated: This is my 200th post! Yippie!


Caits said...

I got a link to this post in my google alerts---I love it! Mind if I post your idea?

Just email me if it's okay:)

Rotten said...

I just strip C down to eat most of the time. :) Can't be bothered to keep up with making sure I pre-treat all of her clothes before I wash them. Oi vei... I'd be doing laundry 24/7.